TTIP negotiations: CEATL sounds the alarm on literature and publishing not being covered by the so-called ‘cultural exception’  

TTIP negotiations: CEATL sounds the alarm on literature and publishing not being covered by the so-called ‘cultural exception’   


Brussels, 2 February, 2015

Representing 10,000 literary translators in 29 European countries, CEATL urges the parties responsible for the ongoing Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations between the European Union and the United States of America to pay attention to the following issues of concern to everyone with a stake in European literatures and the cultural values they constitute:

  • Publishing is not covered by the so-called “cultural exception” and is therefore part of the mandate of TTIP negotiators
  • This poses a threat to Europe’s publishing and literature since TTIP will tolerate continued cultural promotion and protection measures only if these are non-discriminatory.

CEATL and Amazon discussed AmazonCrossing’s translation license agreement at the Frankfurt Book Fair

PRESS RELEASE [pdf (http://www NULL.ceatl-members NULL.pdf)]

In response to the points raised by CEATL and its members regarding AmazonCrossing’s approach to European literary translators and the translation license agreements it originally proposed, AmazonCrossing, recognizing the need to engage in an open dialogue with our associations, asked to meet the representatives of CEATL during the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The Glass Translator – ‘Weltlesebühne’ celebrates International Translation Day in Germany and beyond

On the occasion of St Jerome’s Day (30 September), ‘Weltlesebühne’, an organisation founded by members of the German Literary Translators’ Association (VdÜ),  has arranged a series of events all over Germany. In cooperation with the Robert Bosch Foundation and the German Goethe Institute the programme also offers events in a number of cities around the world.

‘Words Travel Worlds’, winner of CEATL’s third international video contest ‘Spot the translator’

‘Portraits of Literary Translators’ was the topic chosen by CEATL for the 2014 international video contest ‘Spot the Translator’, now in its third year. The contest invites artists to help make translators more visible by creating sparky and clever short films highlighting the existence and importance of literary translators, the challenges they face and their role in literature.

Literary Translators’ Visibility in The Netherlands: Vertaalslag 2014

On Monday 3 March the literary translators’ division of the Dutch Authors’ Guild (VvL), in cooperation with the Foundation for Literary Activities Amsterdam (SLAA), hosted its annual discussion evening  on translation, ‘Vertaalslag’. This year’s theme was ‘the translator as author, the author as translator’. The four speakers, associate professor of English literature and translation Onno Kosters, translator Jelle Noorman, artist, writer and translator Miek Zwamborn, and poet Tsead Bruinja, all had experience in both roles: they are writers as well as translators (sometimes of their own work).

International Translation Day 2013

Today (30 September) is the feast of St. Jerome, widely known as International Translation day. If you want to celebrate this day, please send a CEATL e-card to your friends, colleagues, publishers, literary critics etc. by choosing your language below. Happy Translation Day!

  • Basque (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.ceatl NULL.jpg)
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CEATL launches Second International ‘Spot The Translator Contest’

CEATL, the European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations, has launched the second International “Spot The Translator” contest (http://www NULL.ceatl, calling for video artists to create sparky and clever short films reflecting the existence and importance of literary translators, their challenges, and their role in literature.

Videos can now be viewed and voted for at the special Facebook page (https://www NULL.facebook before 8 September.

Selection results of the EU literary translation support programme, 2013

The EU Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture has published the 2013 selection results (http://eacea NULL.europa NULL.php) of the literary translation support programme (Strand 1.2.2 of the Culture Programme). Here (http://eacea NULL.europa NULL.pdf) you can find a list of the book selected for funding, sorted by publisher and language.

LAF report on translation statistics in the UK and Ireland

New research from Literature Across Frontiers – Publishing Data and Statistics on Translated Literature in the United Kingdom and Ireland (http://lit-across-frontiers NULL.us2 NULL.list-manage – reveals the first ever accurate figures for the number of translated titles published in the British Isles and recommends a mechanism to collect further data. becomes an international network with EU support

The European Union announced today that a subsidy of €200,000, the maximum, has been granted to the (http://www NULL.schwob project to enable it to expand into an international network, a European portal for the best unknown books of world literature.

The Dutch Foundation for Literature launched in 2011 as a website and organization that facilitates the promotion of literature from all parts of Europe that has not yet appeared in translation.

UK Translation Prizes 2013

The Society of Authors’ Translation Prizes 2012 were awarded on 4 February in a ceremony at King’s Place in London before an audience of 400 people.

The John Florio Prize for translation from the Italian – £2,000 awarded biannually – was won by Anne Milano Appel for The Scent of a Woman by Giovanni Arpino.

The new application form for EU translation grants for publishers is now online

The electronic application form for Strand 1.2.2 of EU’s Culture Programme (literary translation projects) is now online (http://eacea NULL.europa NULL.php). Publishers can apply by 6 February, 2013. Please note that the application procedure has been simplified to a great extent since the introduction of the flat-rate system in 2008.

PETRA Recommendations published

From 1 to 3 December 2011 almost 70 organisations, all active in the field of literary translation, gathered in Brussels for the first PETRA congress (http://www NULL.ceatl These organisations, based in 34 European countries (EU member states and neighbouring countries), reflected upon the situation of literary translation in Europe and discussed the development of a European plan of action in support of literary translation.

The General Assembly of CEATL has elected a new Board member

Our Hungarian representative, Ildikó Lőrinszky, has been elected by CEATL’s General Assembly to replace Katarína Bednárová as Secretary. The Board now consists of:

  • Martin de Haan (mdehaan%40ceatl%2Eeu), President – Vereniging van Letterkundigen (VvL, The Netherlands)
  • Holger Fock (hfock%40ceatl%2Eeu), Vice-President and Treasurer – Verband deutschsprachiger Übersetzer (VdÜ, Germany)
  • Andy Jelčić (ajelcic%40ceatl%2Eeu), Vice-President – Društvo Hrvatskih Književnih Prevodilaca (DHKP, Croatia)
  • Ildikó Lőrinszky (ilorinszky%40ceatl%2Eeu), Secretary – Magyar Műfordítók Egyesülete (MEGY, Hungary)
  • Taina Helkamo (thelkamo%40ceatl%2Eeu) – Suomen kääntäjien ja tulkkien liitto (SKTL, Finland)

CEATL welcomes new member associations from Italy, Poland and Serbia

Three new member associations have joined CEATL at our 2012 annual meeting:

  • STRADE – Sindacato dei traduttori editoriali (http://www NULL.traduttoristrade (replacing the translators’ section of the Sindacato Nazionale Scrittore)
  • Polish Society of Literary Translators (Stowarzyszenie Tłumaczy Literatury (http://www NULL.bgtranslators
  • Association of Literary Translators of Serbia (Udruženje književnih prevodilaca Srbije (http://www NULL.ukpsalts, UKPS/ALTS)

We now have 34 member associations from 28 countries.