Martinus Nijhoff Prize awarded to Frans Denissen

The Dutch Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds is awarding the 2012 Martinus Nijhoff Prize to translator and author Frans Denissen. He receives the 35,000 Euro prize for his translations of Italian literature into Dutch. Denissen published his first literary translation from Italian in 1982; 2011 saw the publication of his translation of Carlo Emilio Gadda’s De leerschool van het lijden (La cognizione del dolore)

In the intervening three decades, Denissen translated amongst other things Boccaccio’s Decameron, prose from respected 20th-century authors such as Leonardo Sciascia, Curzio Malaparte and Umberto Eco and the poetry of Cesare Pavese.

The Turkish Association of Literary Translators, Çevbir, condemns the arrests of intellectuals and the climate of intimidation in Turkey

This is a press release from our Turkish member organisation, Çevbir (http://www NULL.cevbir

ÇEVBİR – The Turkish Association of Literary Translators, condemns the arrests of intellectuals and the climate of intimidation

Turkey is currently witnessing a period as dark as that of the oppressive regimes which have left so many scars on its history.

The new application form for EU translation grants for publishers is now online

The electronic application form for Strand 1.2.2 of EU’s Culture Programme (literary translation projects) is now online (http://eacea NULL.europa NULL.php). Publishers can apply by 3 February, 2012. Please note that the application procedure has been simplified to a great extent since the introduction of the flat-rate system in 2008.

Compliance with copyright, adequate payment: by publishing its Hexalogue, CEATL demands fair-play for literary translators

Three years after the groundbreaking study (http://www NULL.ceatl on the income of literary translators in Europe, the European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations (CEATL) has published six basic rules for fair-play in all business relations with literary translators.

Drawing on the experience of its 32 member associations, CEATL notes a general disregard for literary translators’ rights, in addition to shamefully low remuneration.

CEATL flyer

A stylish CEATL flyer is available now, containing information on the association and its aims, an overview of our working groups, contact details, and the new Hexalogue (http://www NULL.ceatl or Code of Good Practice (‘The Six Commandments of “fair-play” in literary translation’). The flyer is available in English (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.pdf) and in French (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.pdf).

International meeting in Berlin and Leipzig for translators from German, call for applications

The Robert Bosch Foundation and the Literary Colloquium Berlin have been inviting translators of German literature to international workshops and large meetings since 2004. Co-operation with the Goethe Institute, the S. Fischer Foundation and TRADUKI has made it possible to arrange a meeting in 2012 for up to 40 participants from all over the world.

Croatia joins the TRADUKI network

On 24th October 2011 in Berlin the TRADUKI (http://english NULL.traduki NULL.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=48&Itemid=54) partners signed resolutions with Nina Obuljen, the State Secretary in the Croatian Ministry of Culture, for the expansion of the TRADUKI framework agreement. This enables Croatia to become a new member in the private-public partnership between the Austrian Federal Ministry for International and European Affairs, KulturKontakt Austria, the German Foreign Office, the Goethe Institute, Pro Helvetia, the S.

Transformation of the CEATL news section

The news section of the CEATL website has just undergone a technical and graphical transformation. The news archive (http://www NULL.ceatl is now presented as a list, and thematic and regional categories have been added for easy navigation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the news feed.

Mobility funding guide from the ‘On the Move’ network

The cultural mobility information network ‘On the Move’ (http://on-the-move has published a ‘Guide to Funding Opportunities for the International Mobility of Artists and Culture Professionals in Europe’, including travel grants and residencies.

As the network says on its homepage, ‘the Guide covers public and private funding sources for the mobility of artists and culture professionals in 35 European countries, as well as at EU level, including 750 mobility schemes, designed or managed by almost 500 different organisations.

Study about literary translations from Bulgarian after 1989

The Bulgarian Next Page Foundation has published the results of a study on literary translations from Bulgarian after 1989. The study, Translation and Transfer. Bulgarian Literature in Translation (1989-2010): Dates, Observations and Recommendations, can be found on the Next Page website (http://www NULL.npage NULL.html), a summary in English will soon be available.

‘Translators’ bliss’: Dutch translators discuss the satisfaction a great translation can offer

Literary translators of five important European novels will tour Dutch bookstores in September and October. The tour is named ‘Translators’ bliss’. The translators will elaborate on their varied and often invisible work, and the challenging and beautiful aspects of their profession.

During the tour, translators Jeanne Holierhoek, Edgar de Bruin, Harm Damsma and Niek Miedema, Annelies van Hees and Liesbeth van Nes will specifically speak about their translation of Drie sterke vrouwen by Marie NDiaye, De werkplaats van de duivel by Jáchym Topol, De niet verhoorde gebeden van Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell, Dat weet je niet by Jens Christian Grøndahl and HhhH by Laurent Binet.

France: after the Assouline report, discussions open up between translators and publishers

Commissioned by the Centre National du Livre in 2008 at the request of the ATLF, the report by the journalist and writer Pierre Assouline was delivered and published at the end of June 2011. The on-line version may be consulted on the CNL website (http://www NULL.centrenationaldulivre and can also be downloaded here (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.pdf) (in French).

Policy recommendations of the European Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism

The Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism (http://ec NULL.europa NULL.pdf) was launched by the European Commission in October 2009. Commissioner Orban called upon the Platform to consult with civil society across the EU in order to submit a set of initial proposals to influence thinking at EU, Member State and regional level, and to help designing the financial instruments for the new generation of funding programmes (2014-2020).

EU feasibility study for actions to support the mobility of literary translators

In cooperation with the Department of Language, Interpreting and Translation Sciences of the University of Trieste (http://www NULL.dslit NULL.units Sviluppo ( http://www NULL.consulmarc s.r.l. is carrying out a feasibility study for actions to promote mobility among literary translators in Europe. The study has been commissioned by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA (http://eacea NULL.europa NULL.php)) and is funded by the European Commission (Directorate-General for Education and Culture).

CEATL welcomes new member associations from Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Norway

Four new member associations have joined CEATL at the Prague AGM on 12 May, 2011:

  • Association des Traducteurs Littéraires de Belgique (ATLB)
  • Bulgarian Translators’ Union (Съюз на преводачите в България (http://www NULL.bgtranslators, BTU)
  • Association of Translators and Interpreters in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Udruženje prevodilaca u Bosni i Hercegovini (http://www NULL.upbh, UPBH)
  • Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association (Norsk faglitterær forfatter- og oversetterforening (http://www NULL.nffo, NFF)

We now have 32 member associations from 26 countries.

The General Assembly of CEATL has elected a new Board

A new Board was elected by our General Assembly in Prague on 12 May, 2011.

  • Martin de Haan (mdehaan%40ceatl%2Eeu), President – Vereniging van Letterkundigen (VvL, The Netherlands)
  • Holger Fock (hfock%40ceatl%2Eeu), Vice-President and Treasurer – Verband deutschsprachiger Übersetzer (VdÜ, Germany)
  • Andy Jelčić (ajelcic%40ceatl%2Eeu), Vice-President – Društvo Hrvatskih Književnih Prevodilaca (DHKP, Croatia)
  • Katarína Bednárová (kbednarova%40ceatl%2Eeu), Secretary – Slovenská spoločnosť prekladateľov umeleckej literatúry (SSPUL, Slovakia)
  • Taina Helkamo (thelkamo%40ceatl%2Eeu) – Suomen kääntäjien ja tulkkien liitto (SKTL, Finland)

(http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.jpg)
From left to right: Taina Helkamo, Holger Fock, Martin de Haan, Katarína Bednárová, Andy Jelčić.