New website: KurdîLit – Network for Kurdish literature and publishing in Turkey

New website: KurdîLit – Network for Kurdish literature and publishing in Turkey

Although  Kurdish-language publishing in Turkey has picked up speed, especially in the last ten years, Diyarbakır Arts Center (http://www NULL.diyarbakirsanat NULL.aspx) and Lîs Editions (http://www NULL.wesanenlis noticed that the limited visibility of Kurdish-language literature in Turkey and in the international arena continues to be a problem, both for producers and for readers.

New online database for translators of Italian literature

New online database for translators of Italian literature

BooksinItaly is the first website for the promotion worldwide of Italian publishing, language and culture. The website, available in Italian and English, is intended for Italian and foreign publishers, literary agents, translators, Italianists, Italian Cultural Institutes and Italians abroad and offers book reports accompanied by translated samples. It also includes analyses, interviews and news about the latest releases and the main protagonists of the Italian publishing industry, as well as information on grants and translation prizes.

Schwob sets up English website on the world’s best unknown books

Schwob, an initiative to publicize largely untranslated modern classics, cult books and must-reads from all over the world, recently launched its English website: (http://en NULL.schwob-books The site is part of a larger project to find and promote insider tips about modern European literature.

An international network of translators, publishing houses, festivals and literature foundations contribute by suggesting titles, as well as providing sample translations, background articles, and information on how to acquire rights.

The BabelMatrix project has entered a new phase

Ever since its creation shortly after the turn of the millennium, the BabelMatrix project has undergone several transformations, and it continues to grow.

The aim of this site (http://www NULL.babelmatrix, which is dedicated to literary translation and translators, is to showcase the richness of world literature in translation by presenting extracts that invite readers to continue reading. becomes an international network with EU support

The European Union announced today that a subsidy of €200,000, the maximum, has been granted to the (http://www NULL.schwob project to enable it to expand into an international network, a European portal for the best unknown books of world literature.

The Dutch Foundation for Literature launched in 2011 as a website and organization that facilitates the promotion of literature from all parts of Europe that has not yet appeared in translation.

Italian literary translators presented a new webzine

Strade Magazine (http://strademagazine NULL.wordpress, the new webzine of the Syndicate of Italian Literary Translators (STRADE (http://www NULL.traduttoristrade was presented on 6 June at the “Casa delle Traduzioni” in Rome. The goal of the magazine is to promote a realistic vision of the trade and to claim a place for literary translators among cultural professionals.