Counterpoint is an e-zine for everyone interested in literary translation. Whether you are a translator, publisher, agent, researcher, student or journalist, or just have a general interest in literature across borders, the European book market, and in the people that shape both, there will be something in Counterpoint of interest to you.

We report on what’s going on inside CEATL, and we look outside as well. We present feature articles about translators and translating and deal with the broad cultural, artistic and economic context of our work. We intend Counterpoint to live up to its name and be a place where independent and sometimes contrasting voices come together and form a stronger and more enthralling whole, much like the art of literary translation itself.

Counterpoint is free of charge and published twice a year in English and French.

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From the editors
The CEATL Companion: A new online idea hub
Iztok Ilc

A Gap in the Clouds: Translating Japanese poetry
James Hadley

Babelkat – a new online platform for literary translators
Gesine Schröder

Can literary translation be taught?
Ros Schwartz

Rooms of their own – new residencies in the Western Balkans
Monica Dimitrova, Yana Genova & Neva Micheva

“Literary translators preserve the richness of the Slovene language”
Vesna Velkovrh Bukilica

Sustaining Europe’s multilingual literary heritage
Juliane Wammen

Translators caught in the crossfire: How to help Ukranian colleagues
Hanneke van der Heijden

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