The Romanian Cultural Institute (http://www NULL.cennac offers two types of scholarships in order to provide training to a new generation of translators of Romanian literature from a wide range of foreign language backgrounds, as well as to establish closer links with professional translators who have already published book translations.

The programme, which is open to selected candidates (either starting or professionals), provides a two month stay in Romania, during which the candidates are offered seminars and workshops on Romanian literature and translating from Romanian. Free housing is provided by the Institute; in addition each candidate will receive a grant of € 1,500 (for translators-in-training) or of € 2,500 (for professional translators).

Applications for the fall term (1 October – 30 November) should be made by 31 August 2011. The deadline for the spring term (1 May – 30 June) is 31 March 2012.

Detailed information regarding the requirements to qualify for the programme as well as the application procedure can be obtained from:

Mr Florin Bican
Aleea Alexandru nr. 38
011824 Bucuresti, România

tel.:  +40317100684 / +40721706788
e-mail: (florin NULL.bican null@null gmail

Scholarships for Translators of Romanian Literature
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