AI surveys (2023-24)

In 2023, CEATL conducted a survey with its members to know how associations handled the use of AI by literary translators in 27 European countries.

In 2024, CEATL conducted a survey with individual translators to assess the uses of AI by translators and publishers.

Legal surveys (2022)

In 2021-2022, CEATL conducted a survey on the legal situation of literary translators (legal framework, scope and duration of the licensing, respect of the translator’s moral rights, remuneration, transparency) in 27 European countries, representing some 10.000 literary translators.

Working conditions survey (2020)

The aim of this survey was to collect data from all Europe and get an overview of the state of working conditions of literary translators in different countries and make use of these data in order to raise the standards for literary translators and improve their position in terms of author‘s rights, public lending rights and cultural recognition.