Why become a member of CEATL

CEATL does not exist independently from its members: its strength as an umbrella organisation completely depends on the national associations and their representatives. The more active members it has, the more effective CEATL can be in pursuing its two objectives, the exchange of information and the defence of literary translation in a European context.

Types of membership

CEATL distinguishes two types of member associations:

  • Active members. Any literary translators’ association registered and based in a European country may be admitted to the association as an active member (entitled to vote at the annual general meeting).
  • Associate members. The annual general meeting may permit literary translators’ associations in non-European countries, and pan-European or international organisations involved in literary translation to join the association as associate members (not entitled to vote).


Membership of CEATL does not entail any obligations, except payment of the membership fee, and respecting the articles of association (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.eu/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Statuts_2010_EN NULL.pdf) and the internal regulations.

How to apply

Applications (in English or French) for active or associate membership must be sent to the board by info@ceatl.eu (info%40ceatl%2Eeu), accompanied by documentary evidence of the candidate association’s representativeness:

  • relevant extracts from the articles of association
  • a short overview of the organisation (structure, budget, number of members, links to other organisations etc.)
  • a list of sample activities

The annual general meeting has sole discretion in granting or refusing applications. It does not have to explain its decision.


There is no deadline for applications. However, since the regular annual general meeting is in May of any current year, CEATL can only take into account applications sent before April that year. All applications that come in later will be reviewed at the next AGM.