Translator on the Cover Report

After 18 months and countless online meetings the EU Commission published Translators on the Cover – Multilingualism and Translation (https://op NULL.europa, a report that aims to show the ways in which the spread of translated literature from all EU languages may continue. The report deals with three primary areas (language learning, translators’ working conditions, and funding) and recommends strategies to improve them. The report was written by national experts from 26 countries as part of the EU Work Plan for Culture 2019-22. Among these were (a few) literary translators, a publisher, representatives from national literary funding agencies and translators associations – including CEATL delegate Juliane Wammen (DOF) as the Danish representative. Meetings were held with CEATL, at which Miquel Cabal Guarro (AELC) and Cécile Deniard (ATLF) were present, and with FEP, AVTE and the European Booksellers Association. Both the 2008 and the 2021 CEATL surveys on working conditions were used actively in the report, and a link to the newest survey is included. The report is available in English, but is currently being translated into all 27 EU languages. Please share the report with any and every policy maker or other interested party to help make the debate on translators’ working conditions more informed and hopefully create change for the better.

Memorandums of Agreement

In order to carry its actions even further, CEATL has signed memorandums of agreements with several international organisations: the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (BCBF), the International Federation of Translators (FIT-IFT), Audio-Visual Translators Europe (AVTE) and Pen International’s Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee (TLRC-PEN). We’re happy to be joining forces and pooling information and competences with these organisations with which we share common goals in promoting the quality of translated literature and good practices in the field of literary translation.

Barcelona Manifesto

On Sant Jordi/International translation day (April 21) 2023, CEATL and FIT, at the initiative of Catalan associations AELC and APTIC, signed the Barcelona Manifesto, which reminds publishers of the importance of respecting the rights of literary translators in every field of literature, including in genres that are sometimes wrongly considered « minor » – like children’s books and comic books.