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CEATL publishes its stance on AI

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CEATL publishes its stance on generative AI

CEATL publishes its stance on generative AI

Since the beginning of 2023, the spectacular evolution of artificial intelligence, and in particular the explosion in the use of generative AI in all areas of creation, has raised fundamental questions and sparked intense debate. CEATL has drafted its own statement detailing its stance on the use of generative AIs in the field of literary translation.


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The IG Übersetzerinnen Übersetzer represent the interests of literary and scientific translators in Austria. Its most important goal is to improve the legal, social and economic framework for translators. The increased perception and appreciation of the work of literary translators is also a central concern.

Information and advice is offered on all professionally relevant issues, in particular copyright, the conclusion of translation contracts, social and tax issues and career entry. Further training events – above all the annual Austrian Translators Seminar – and presentations of the work of translators are also part of what we offer to members and the public.