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CEATL Hexalogue

The Six Commandments of ‘fair-play’ in literary translation.

Book cover collection

Book covers mentioning the name of the translator.

About us

CEATL is an international non-profit association (AISBL) under Belgian law, officially created in 1993 as a platform where literary translators’ associations from different European countries could exchange views and information, and join forces to improve status and working conditions of literary translators. Set up by 10 founder members, CEATL now has 35 member associations from 29 countries across Europe, representing some 10,000 individual authors. In recent years several associations from former Eastern Europe have joined us, as has the Turkish association Çevbir, and CEATL will continue to encourage associations in the new EU member states and in EU neighbouring countries to become members....

Our supporting partners

As an international non-profit organisation, CEATL is largely dependent on external funding. For our recent projects we have kindly been supported by the following organisations:

  • the Dutch collecting society, LIRA
  • the Norwegian collecting society, Kopinor
  • the Swiss collecting society, ProLitteris
  • the Dutch Foundation for Literature
  • our German member association, VdÜ
  • our Norwegian member association, Norsk Oversetterforening
  • ...