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An open letter to the British Museum
An open letter to the British Museum
12 Jul, 2023



On August 7 Yilin Wang made the following statement on Qiu Jin’s Poetry Translations and the British Museum’s “China’s Hidden Century” exhibit

“I am happy to announce that the British Museum and I have reached a settlement after they used my translations of Qiu Jin’s poetry in the “China’s Hidden Century” exhibit without permission, pay, or credit for over a month, and their later action of removing both my translations and Qiu Jin’s poetry from the exhibit.

On Tuesday, July 11, very soon after I officially obtained legal representation (thanks to the support of many folks who spread the word and donated to my Crowd Justice fund), the British Museum’s Director Hartwig Fischer reached out to me to make a proposal essentially matching the reasonable terms that I had proposed to them several times before launching my legal fundraiser.

I appreciate that the museum has come around. It is frustrating that this did not happen until I went through all the trouble to fundraise and obtain legal representation.”

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