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Denmark: Translators and writers win right to compensation from the state
Denmark: Translators and writers win right to compensation from the state
10 Oct, 2023
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In 2021, the Danish Authors’ Society (http://danskforfatterforening NULL.dk/danish-authors-society/) (of which DOF is a part), the Danish Publishers’ Association and the collecting society CopyDan instituted proceedings against the state-owned library service, Nota, which provides audiobooks for visually impaired citizens and those who have trouble reading. The service has been a huge success, with up to 300,000 users a year (of a population of ca. 5 m.), but the aforementioned bodies were unhappy with the fact that the authors and publishers weren’t paid for this extensive digital use of their works.

The proceedings in the Commission on Copyright Licensing ended with a ruling stating that Nota must pay for the use of audiobooks, retrospectively from 2018 (and of course going forward). Since 2021, the group of interested parties has been negotiating a deal on how the money would be paid out to the authors and publishers in practical terms. These negotiations have been lengthy and ifficult, but in August this year the parties finally reached an agreement and signed a deal.

This means that ca. 80 m. Danish kroner (ca. 11 m. euros) are to be paid out to translators, authors and publishers as quickly as CopyDan can process the massive amounts of data: ca. 8.5 m. loans of ca. 60,000 individual works.
Read more about this here, in Danish (https://www NULL.tekstognode NULL.dk/nyheder/aftale-med-nota-er-paa-plads/).

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