To coincide with International Translation Day and as part of the Czech Presidency of the EU Council, the Czech Literary Centre is organising an online conference to provide Czech and foreign literary translators with inspiration and examples of good practice from other countries.

The core of the conference consists of two discussion blocks: the first will focus on the translator as a literary intermediary and the possible merging of translation with other professions; the second will be devoted to associations of translators as platforms for sharing expertise and fighting for fair conditions.

In the early evening, the online conference will be followed by a literary panel at the Václav Havel Library where the writer Radka Denemarková and the renowned German translator Eva Profousová will discuss the importance of literary translation but also Radka Denemarková’s novel Hours of Lead (2018), the German edition of which earned the two of them the 2022 Brücke Berlin Literature and Translation Prize. The event will be chaired by Dana Pfeiferová.

The conference program can be found here. (https://www NULL.czechlit NULL.pdf)

International Translation Day in Czech: Online conference and panel on translation