Although  Kurdish-language publishing in Turkey has picked up speed, especially in the last ten years, Diyarbakır Arts Center (http://www NULL.diyarbakirsanat NULL.aspx) and Lîs Editions (http://www NULL.wesanenlis noticed that the limited visibility of Kurdish-language literature in Turkey and in the international arena continues to be a problem, both for producers and for readers.

The website KurdîLit, set up by Diyarbakır Arts Center and Lîs Editions in collaboration with Literature Across Frontiers (http://www NULL.lit-across-frontiers, is a first initiative aiming at strengthening the visibility of Kurdish literature.


The website aims to bring together and digitally archive basic information regarding actors operating in the field of Kurdish literature and publishing. Writers, translators, publishers, and literary periodicals respectively are introduced in four different sections. Each section opens with a short history of the field. Click here (http://www NULL.kurdilit for an overview of the history of literary translation from and into Kurdish.

For the time being, KurdîLit focuses on literature produced in Kurmanjî and Kurmanjkî, two Kurdish dialects spoken in Turkey.

To visit the website (in Kurdish, Turkish and English), please click here (http://www NULL.kurdilit

New website: KurdîLit – Network for Kurdish literature and publishing in Turkey
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