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13th Swiss Symposium for Literary Translators
13th Swiss Symposium for Literary Translators
1 Nov, 2021

27 November 2021 in St. Gallen and online (with workshops)

The main topic of the annual symposium organised by the Swiss writers’ and translators’ association A*dS is literary criticism this year. It’s aimed at translators of all languages and also at critics, reviewers and jurors. The symposium will be held in German, French and Italian.
More informations and registration (deadline 20 November 2021):
https://www.a-d-s.ch/symposium-pour-traducteur-ices/13-symposium-suisse-pour-traductrices-et-traducteurs-litteraires/ (https://www NULL.a-d-s NULL.ch/symposium-pour-traducteur-ices/13-symposium-suisse-pour-traductrices-et-traducteurs-litteraires/)

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