This year CEATL’s competition has been an international picture contest called “The Face of Translation”. CEATL invited photo amateurs to create sparky and clever photographs reflecting the existence and importance of literary translations and literary translators, their challenges, and their role in literature. Any topic could be used, as long as it was in some way related to literary translation. The prize – a 200 Euro voucher for dinner and books — will be awarded on International Translation Day, 30th September 2016. The winning picture will also be used for this year CEATL’s greeting postcard.

A good way to make translators present everywhere.

All the entries of the contest have appeared on an open Facebook album (https://www NULL.facebook which everyone could “like” up to five pictures. Of the five pictures with the most “likes”, the jury has chosen the one that they think best conveys the meaning of translation — the entry by Adéla Tilcerová and Roman Tilcer.

This picture reflects the way translators give birth to their translations, and the countless unread layers involved in the process of creation. Congratulations to the authors of this multidimensional picture!

CEATL would like to thank everyone for their participation in helping make translators visible.

Adéla Tilcerová’s and Roman Tilcer’s entry is the winner of CEATL’s 2016 international picture contest ‘The Face of Translation’
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