The annual translation prize of the Norwegian Association of Literary Translators (Norsk Oversetterforening (http://www NULL.oversetterforeningen, the Bastian Prize for outstanding translation, was awarded during the celebration of International Translation Day in Oslo on the 30th of September. Knut Ofstad received the prize for his translation of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian (Blodmeridianen). Two other titles were featured on the shortlist: Bernt Brendemoen’s translation of Orhan Pamuk’s The Museum of Innocence (Uskyldighetens museum) and Dagfinn Foldøys translation of Vladimir Makanin’s Underground, or a Hero of Our Time (Underground – eller en helt av vår tid). In the category ‘Children’s and Young-Adult Books 2008’ the prize was awarded to Carina Westberg for her translation of Syren (Sirene) by Angie Sage. The prize consisted of 50.000 NOK (≈ 6.250 EUR) and a statuette by the Norwegian artist Ørnulf Bast.

Bastian Translation Awards to Knut Ofstad and Carina Westberg
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