The Rossica Prize has been awarded biennially since 2005 for the best new translation of a high-quality Russian literary work into English. It aims to promote the best of Russian literary culture in the English-speaking world, encouraging the translation of a broad range of authors, genres and periods. The Prize recognizes the vital role of translation in culture and the contribution that Russian literature continues to make towards enriching the intellectual life of people worldwide. A prize of £1500 will go to the winning translator.

Academia Rossica is currently accepting entries for the Rossica Prize 2014, the deadline for which is 1 December 2013. The original must be a literary work in Russian by any author, present or past, and published no earlier than 2011. There are no restrictions on the nationality of the translator or the place of publication. To enter, 4 copies of the work in the original and 4 copies of the English translation should be sent to Academia Rossica:

ROSSICA PRIZE / Academia Rossica
76 Brewer Street
London W1F 9TX
United Kingdom.

For more details please see the Academia Rossica website (http://academia-rossica or contact (rossica-prize null@null academia-rossica

Call for entries: Rossica Prize for English translation of Russian literature
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