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CEATL presents ‘Translating the Untranslatable’
CEATL presents ‘Translating the Untranslatable’
30 Sep, 2022
Photo credit: Ulysses Joyce, photo by CamponeZ (Pixabay)

Photo credit: Ulysses Joyce, photo by CamponeZ (Pixabay)

On International Translation Day 2022, CEATL members all over Europe joined forces to create a short video to celebrate literary translators and their passion for language and literature across borders.

The video is entitled ‘Translating the Untranslatable’ in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of Ulysses by James Joyce.

Thirteen translators from different countries each read a short passage from Chapter 9, Scylla and Charybdis, lines 700-707:













The video was produced by CEATL’s Working Group on Visibility, which collects data on translators’ cultural visibility, and coordinates pan-European visibility initiatives such as International Translation Day. For CEATL, improving translators’ visibility is key to achieving a better socio-economic position, and thus higher translation quality.

Translating the Untranslatable’ can also be viewed on Vimeo (https://vimeo NULL.com/754883397).

Special thanks to our Ulysses translators and readers in order of appearance:

Finland- Pentti Saarikoski, read by Aino Suoranta

Sweden – Erik Jörgen Andersson

Serbia – Zoran Paunovic

Slovenia – Janez Gradišnik, read by Tina Mahkota

Poland – Maciek Świerkocki

Ireland – Máire Nic Mhaoláin

Italy – Enrico Terrinoni

Hungary – András Kappanyos, with Marianna Gula, Gábor Zoltán Kiss and Dávid Szolláth

Bulgaria – Iglika Vassileva

Basque Country – Xabier Olarra Lizaso

France – Sylvie Doizelet

Slovakia – Jozef Kot, read by Igor Navrátil.

Croatia – Luko Paljetak, read by Buga Marija Šimić

Video by Viviana Sebastio
Coordination by Eva Valvo

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