CEATL is launching a new European survey about working conditions for literary translators. It is available for all in about 20 languages, and entirely anonymous. Answering the questionnaire takes about 10-12 minutes

To complete the survey, click here (https://ceatl NULL.eu/limesurvey/index NULL.php/337552?fbclid=IwAR3d3Uc_zPX29Y29q4qXZbV9gdSEWrntYQDmTaozzsysYfdZg15PsSCF8iU)

The data will be a great help for us to lobby both our national and EU institutions for better working conditions, more grants and subsidies for literary translators, but particularly for more authors’ rights, public lending rights and greater cultural recognition and visibility.

The results are intended for use by, among others, the EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the EU) to gauge the rates for the translation grants that the Culture Program of the EU provides to European publishers.

We also plan to make data available to those national funding organisations which promote their national literature and, to that end, fund translations in other countries. These data will be very welcome to their “European network for translation” (ENLIT).

Moreover, every member association of CEATL will be able to use the data obtained for their own policies and lobbying.

The survey will be available until July 10th. 


CEATL’s European survey about working conditions for literary translators.
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