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CEATL’s #translatingismysuperpower campaign on World Book Day
CEATL’s #translatingismysuperpower campaign on World Book Day
13 Jun, 2024

This year we launched a visibility campaign for literary translators on World Book and Copyright Day, the 23rd April 2024, asking you to post photos and stories about your translation work with the hashtag #translatingismysuperpower. And boy, did you answer our call!

So, here’s a compilation of those photos. Enjoy!

There were funny and inspiring photos by translators from all over Europe picturing themselves on their respective social media profiles, showing their working tools (dictionaries, lexica, and so on) and writing their thoughts about translation. Many referred to translation as a necessary human craft and to our statement on AI, which is based on three pillars: “No-one left behind, no language left behind, no book left behind”.

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