Histories of the discipline of Translation Studies often refer to the Low Countries and the Nitra Schools, of which James Holmes and Anton Popovič are important representatives.

Without wishing to deny their importance, the conference ‘Some Holmes and Popovič in all of us?’ will focus on and trace the continuing impact of the lines of thinking developed in these two schools, and connect them in a prospective way to further developments in Translation Studies. The conference will thus address questions such as: ‘Can we discuss such issues as mapping and remapping, naming and renaming, sociological and communicative approaches without bearing these influences in mind?’ and ‘To what extent has value been added to the lines of thinking in contemporary research stemming from the Low Countries and Nitra?’

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Conference ‘Some Holmes and Popovič in all of us?’ (Nitra, Slovakia, 8-9 October 2015)
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