On the occasion of International Translation Day, the Turkish Translators’ Association (ÇEVBİR (http://cevbir NULL.net/)), in cooperation with Translation and Interpreting Association Turkey (Çeviri Derneği (http://ceviridernegi NULL.org/)) and the Association of Publishers in Turkey (YAYBİR (http://www NULL.yaybir NULL.org NULL.tr/)) will organise a meeting on 30 September in Istanbul.

Still from Çevirmen / The translator

The first part of the program will revolve around the short film Çevirmen / The translator (http://www NULL.filmfestankara NULL.org NULL.tr/filmler/cevirmen-the-translator/). This award winning film is set in the province of Antakya, at the Turkish-Syrian border. Yusuf, a shy, sensitive Syrian refugee boy who lives there in a remote border town, starts to become aware of the power the knowledge of Turkish gives him. After the screening, director and screenwriter Emre Kayiş will be interviewed about his film.

Necmiye Alpay
Necmiye Alpay

The second part of the program will be devoted to the freedom of expression. Metin Celal Zeynioğlu, chair of the Union of Publishers in Turkey, will talk about freedom of publication. Translator and linguist Turgay Kurultay will give information about Necmiye Alpay, who was unjustly detained on 31 August and has been in prison ever since. Members of both translators’ associations will read poetry translations, which will be sent to Necmiye Alpay.

Venue:           Mimarlar Odası, Büyükkent Şubesi Karaköy Binası, Istanbul
Date:              30 Eylül 2016
Time:              4 pm


Freedom of expression and refugees are the main themes at International Translation Day in Turkey (Istanbul, 30 September 2016)
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