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Italian literary translators presented a new webzine
Italian literary translators presented a new webzine
12 Jun, 2012
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Strade Magazine (http://strademagazine NULL.wordpress NULL.com/), the new webzine of the Syndicate of Italian Literary Translators (STRADE (http://www NULL.traduttoristrade NULL.it/)) was presented on 6 June at the “Casa delle Traduzioni” in Rome. The goal of the magazine is to promote a realistic vision of the trade and to claim a place for literary translators among cultural professionals.

Among the magazine’s aims:

  • to establish a system of alliances with other figures working in the field of copyright;
  • to have the voices of translator heard about questions that concern them directly: the quality of translations, the choices made by the publishing market, the training of literary translators (amongst other things);
  • to reconstruct a historical memory by paying homage to the translators who came before us, and who played such an essential part in the dissemination of world literatures;
  • to intervene in the political debate about the place assigned to culture these days, and its democratisation.

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