CEATL is appalled by the fine imposed on the book shop Líra könyv for selling the book Micsoda család! (What a Family!) written by Lawrence Schimel, illustrated by Elīna Brasliņa and translated by Anna T. Szabó, for failing to note that it contains ‘content which deviates from the norm’. We stand in solidarity with the book’s author, Lawrence Schimel.

CEATL further condemns the Hungarian government’s crackdown on LGBT rights in Hungary with the law of 15 June 2021, and stands with all Hungarian associations protesting this law, in particular our own member association, MEGY (http://www NULL.muforditok NULL.hu/), which has called for its revocation.

You can read CEATL’s whole letter here.

LGBT rights in Hungary: Letter of support and solidarity in the Micsoda család! case
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