Casa delle Traduzioni (http://www NULL.ceatl in Rome offers residencies free of charge for the period January-February 2014, subject only to a fee of €30 for the entire stay.

The translators’ house is a specialized research centre and library dedicated to translation. It offers non-profit accommodation to selected foreign translators who translate Italian authors into their mother tongue. Guests will have the opportunity to work in a comfortable and quiet location in a very central area close to Piazza Barberini. Accommodation comprises a bedroom with private bathroom, a shared kitchen for self-catering, wifi, and unlimited access to the library. Residents will experience a full immersion in Italian culture. Literary translators will be given priority.

Residency is offered to translators from all over the world who comply with the following requirements:

  • at least two translation works of Italian authors already published
  • an ongoing translation contract

To qualify for a stay applicants must complete the application form and submit it together with:

  • a short biography and curriculum vitae
  • a copy of the translation contract

Librarians and translation professionals in committee will undertake the evaluation of applications.

For more information please click here (http://www NULL.comune NULL.roma NULL.wp&ahew=jp_pagecode).

Residencies in Translators’ House in Rome free of charge in January-February 2014
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