In 2009 CEATL formed a working group on the ‘education of literary translators’. Its aim was to collect data on the education of literary translators, on a national and a European level, and to make these available to everyone interested.

The working group has now completed the first phase of its research, consisting of a survey on the university curricula for literary translators in the European countries that are represented in CEATL. The survey shows differences and similarities between university programmes. Some of the trends recorded can be used to constitute a database of good practices.

The results of this first survey can be downloaded from the CEATL site. In a later phase the working group will publish a more extensive discussion the topic.

The survey was carried out by Katarína Bednárová (coordinator of the group), Anne Damour, Ildikó Lőrinszky, Françoise Wuilmart, Vincenzo Barca, and Lluís Maria Todó.

The report, which is currently available only in French, can be downloaded here (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.pdf).

Results of survey on university curricula for literary translators have been published
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