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The first Jerome’s Lion Award in Hungary went to publishers Magvető and Typotex
The first Jerome’s Lion Award in Hungary went to publishers Magvető and Typotex
9 May, 2017
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Saint Jerome was a church scholar and Bible translator, originator of the Vulgata, the first Latin translation that our present bible translations are based on. According to fable he once pulled a thorn from a lion’s paw, whereby the animal became his faithful pet.

Publisher of one of the award winning publishing houses, Magvető

By awarding the Jerome’s Lion, the Association of Hungarian Literary Translators (MEGY (http://www NULL.muforditok NULL.hu/)) is following the footsteps of the Polish Literary Translators Association in adapting a best practice model to the Hungarian publishing market. MEGY’s aim is to reward publishers who, even in the face of market adversity, fight like lions to assert authors’ and translators’ royalties and rights, and to establish mutual trust between translators and publishers. MEGY believes that professional standards are best ensured through quality publications and translations, transparent communication, constructive negotiation  with  translators, satisfactory agreements and contracts and a firmly grounded translator-publisher relationship. Respecting the work of authors and translators secures the quality of our books.

The annual prize is awarded to the publisher of choice, based on a survey among MEGY members, at a special ceremony. Recipients are entitled to display the title Jerome’s Lion prize winner – MEGY – 201X on their books.

The first award ceremony took place at the 2017 International Book Festival in Budapest, Hungary. Based on the votes of MEGY membership, the shared first prize went to publishers Magvető (http://www NULL.magveto NULL.hu/) and Typotex (http://www NULL.typotex NULL.hu/).



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