The Bulgarian Translators’ Union (http://www NULL.bgtranslators and the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation for Creative Writing (http://www NULL.ekf announce the launch of their ‘Translators’ Atelier’ for the sixth consecutive year. The project is aimed at literary translators who are still at an early stage in their professional development, but who are interested in translating literature from English to Bulgarian and from Bulgarian to English. The Translators’ Atelier takes the form of a three-day intensive training programme under the direction of leading specialists in literary translation and includes lectures and practical seminars on the translation of texts. Since 2015 it has included a poetry module alongside prose translation and a translation slam. Participants who successfully finish the Atelier will receive certificates from the Bulgarian Translators’ Union.

Inauguration of Translators’ Atelier in 2015 (http://www NULL.ceatl
Inauguration of Translators’ Atelier in 2015

The call for applications (http://ekf is open until the 9th of May. The Atelier will take place from 3rd to 5th June in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Translators’ atelier in Sofia (3-5 June 2016)
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