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White paper on literary translation in digital format in Spain
White paper on literary translation in digital format in Spain
27 Feb, 2017
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The Spanish association ACE Traductores (http://www NULL.ace-traductores NULL.org/) has recently published a ‘white paper’ on book translators’ rights as authors in the digital sector.

Part of the project was already presented in 2010, and now ACE Traductores has published an addendum regarding digital publishing. It compiles the results of a survey completed by translators, with a  sociological interpretation and a legal analysis. This study sets the profession of translating within the digital sector frame and, in many cases, confirms the shadier aspects of translators’ working conditions.

The research project is based on a survey coordinated by ACE Traductores and carried out by Instituto DYM (https://institutodym NULL.es/). A series of articles and appendixes explains the legal frame and contributes further details about the profession of translator.

The project has been made possible thanks to the contribution of CEDRO (http://www NULL.cedro NULL.org/) (Spanish Centre for Reprographic Rights), Red Vértice (http://www NULL.redvertice NULL.org/) (Spanish Network of Translators’ Associations), the General Administration of Cultural Industries and Publishing, and, above all, all the association’s members who completed the survey.

Unfortunately, the results of the research show that in most cases translators are not aware of their rights, sign unfair or even illegal contracts and work in  inappropriate conditions. This is due mainly to bad practice on the  part of certain publishers but sometimes also to a certain ignorance on the part of translators.

ACE Traductores hopes this tool will be used to support translators’ demands, improve the conditions in their contracts and promote regulatory measures within the publishing sector of book translation in digital format.

To read and/or download the white paper, please click here (https://www NULL.dropbox NULL.com/s/u0u4meacrkeo3vj/LibroBlancoTraducci%C3%B3n_%C3%81mbitoDigital_2016 NULL.pdf?dl=0) (in Spanish).

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