The 6th  Biblit survey on rates paid to literary translators working into or from Italian has just been published. The idea of giving an overview of the actual situation in the Italian market for literary translations dates back to 2004, when the project was initiated. The survey aims to make a range of up-to-date information available to all translators, whether beginners or experienced, so that they can better negotiate with their publishers.

This latest survey, which presents an overview of data for 2011, is more comprehensive than  previous editions as it takes into consideration several different factors that have a bearing on  translators’ eventual negotiating power.

The survey can be found here (http://issuu

From this (http://www NULL.biblit website you can download a PowerPoint presentation of the results of the survey (click on the left button ‘Inchiesta Tariffe’ under the ‘Risorse’ heading, then click on ‘le slide’ to begin the download).

6th Edition of Biblit – survey on literary translators’ rates into and out of Italian
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