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98 subtitlers resigned from Broadcast Text International in Finland
98 subtitlers resigned from Broadcast Text International in Finland
10 Nov, 2012
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98 subtitlers have resigned from Broadcast Text International in Finland after having been outsourced there by MTV Media, a major commercial broadcasting company.

On October 1st, 110 subtitlers working under freelance contracts were outsourced to BTI International, a subsidiary of Broadcast Text International. According to Finnish law, outsourced employees have a right to resign without notice during the first month after the deal – 98 subtitlers chose to use that right.

The subtitlers were concerned about being outsourced to a company that pays its current subtitlers minimal wages, forces them to become entrepreneurs instead of employees, claims all copyrights to subtitles and declines attempts to negotiate collective agreements.

Finnish universities issued a statement dated on October 17th in which they criticised the outsourcing. They also pointed out that students are being exploited by subtitling companies and that the entire profession of subtitling may wither, if professionals can no longer make a decent living out of it.
Broadcast Text International has remained silent on the subject in the media. The company has promised to aspire to quality, but has not responded to the concerns voiced by the subtitlers or reacted to invitations to open negotiations from trade unions.

For more information, please check the website (http://www NULL.av-kaantajat NULL.fi/in_english/?x245667=339003).

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