It is the chief task of the Swiss writers’ and translators’ association A*dS (https://www NULL.a-d-s to stand up for the rights of its members and the improvement of their living and working situations. Compensation for work done, especially cultural work, is not a luxury. It is a right. The A*dS fee recommendations are a basis to which authors can refer when negotiating with potential clients, organisers or companies. They include suggested rates for many of the services that authors provide on a daily basis: Book publications, translation of literary texts, readings, author talks, book signings, participation in public discussions, moderations, writing studios/workshops, mentoring, various writing assignments, reviews, media appearances, events at schools.

You will find the English version of the A*dS Fee Recommendations in English here (https://www NULL.a-d-s NULL.pdf).

A*dS Fee Recommendations for Authors and Translators – now available in English
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