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Association Strade demands a national fund to support translations into Italian
Association Strade demands a national fund to support translations into Italian
16 Dec, 2012
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In order to promote quality works from around the world in translations of equal value – easing the translation costs for publishers wishing to back them – the Italian association of literary translators Strade (Sindacato Traduttori Editoriali) has started a petition demanding that Italy follow the example of other European nations and set up a national fund to support translations into Italian.

This support should take different forms, starting with measures to supplement the translation fees offered by publishing houses, so as to encourage the publication of good-quality translations of less immediately accessible works. This would permit translators to be adequately rewarded for tackling complex texts that require particular skills and take longer to translate. At the same time publishers would be encouraged to bring out quality books that lie outside the rigid logic of the marketplace.

Strade is preparing a number of proposals along the lines of what is already in place in the rest of Europe and hopes to be able to submit them shortly to whom they may concern.

You can find the petition in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Rumanian, Czech, Russian here (http://www NULL.traduttoristrade NULL.it/2012/petizione-un-aiuto-alla-traduzione-e-un-aiuto-alle-idee/#more-2234"%20target="_blank">http://www NULL.traduttoristrade NULL.it/2012/petizione-un-aiuto-alla-traduzione-e-un-aiuto-alle-idee/#more-2234).

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