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Book campaign to inspire Dutch readers during lockdown turned out successful
Book campaign to inspire Dutch readers during lockdown turned out successful
1 Jul, 2020


Images used in the campaign #ikleesthuis:

Fortunately, there is a lot to experience at home too’ (left) 

If you can’t go outside, why not bring the world in?’ (right).


The campaign #ikleesthuis (‘#Ireadathome’), initiated during the Covid-19 crisis by a collective of partners in the book industry, has turned out to be successful. People report to have been inspired by the campaign to read more than they used to. The increased interest in books is reflected in higher book sales and lending figures.

Initiator of the campaign is CPNB (‘Foundation for the Collective Promotion of Dutch-language Books’) that wanted ‘to give heart to the Dutch people during the lockdown’ and promote reading books. Using various expressions on social media, in printed publications, online, in public space and on radio and TV, the campaign managed to reach millions of people in a period of three months. Individual bookstores, publishers and libraries helped to spread the campaign. Financial support came from several partners in the book industry, including the Dutch Foundation for Literature. Additional support was given by diverse partners such as travel agencies, the Dutch railways, and radio programs.

A survey among consumers shows that a quarter of the respondents is aware of the campaign. For a third of the people that was aware of the campaign and actually bought or lent a book, the book campaign was reportedly the main motivation.

For many Dutch the Covid-19 crisis turned out to be a perfect time to read a book: compared to the same period in 2019 the number of e-book lending from public libraries has increased with 70%, lending of audiobooks went up with even more than 130%. The turnover of book sales increased by 1% (Dutch-language books only) compared to the same 3-month period in 2019. Unfortunately, physical bookstores didn’t benefit from the increase in sales. Quite on the contrary: during this period, they have experienced a loss of turnover of 24%, while the turnover of online booksellers grew by 33%.

50% of Dutch consumers read a printed book, an e-book or listened to an audiobook during the lockdown. Reading paper books is in the top 10 of most popular leisure activities. The frequency with which people read printed books also seems to have increased. 36% of consumers who read a book and were aware of #ikleesthuis, reported that the campaign was their main motivation to actually read a book, in print or on screen, or to listen to an audiobook.

Due to its success the campaign will be continued during the summer months with the slogan ‘Your summer starts with books’ and the hashtag ‘#zomerlezen’ (‘#summer reading’).

For more information on the campaign (in Dutch), please click here (https://www NULL.cpnb NULL.nl/nieuws/leeslust-tijdens-coronacrisis-aangewakkerd-door-ikleesthuis).


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