The Annual General Assembly of CEATL’s national representatives, organised by the Italian associations STradE (http://www NULL.traduttoristrade and A.I.T.I. (http://www NULL.aiti, was held in Milan between 3-6 June.

After the Treasurer’s Report and the Secretary’s Report had been accepted, as well as the minutes of the last AGM in Berlin, a new Executive Board was elected.

Most of the time during the AGM was reserved for the reports by CEATL’s working groups. The groups devoted to Best Practices, Copyright, Training and Education, Visibility and Working Conditions presented the state of affairs in these fields, and the results of the surveys and investigations they have been carrying out in CEATL’s member countries.

Former CEATL president Martin de Haan gave an interesting overview of CEATL’s activities over the past ten years. The Italian sponsor presented the project BooksinItaly (http://www NULL.booksinitaly and a very informative online booklet (http://www NULL.ceatl on existing translation grants. The PETRA-E (http://taalunieversum project was presented at a public event followed by a discussion moderated by Martin de Haan.

ceatl.agm.milan.slam.june15 (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.agm_ NULL.milan_ NULL.slam_ NULL.june15 NULL.jpg)
Translation slam during CEATL’s Annual General Meeting

The main public event was the award ceremony for the two directors of the video Words Travel Worlds (http://www NULL.ceatl, winner of the CEATL video contest 2014, followed by a Translation Slam (http://www NULL.ceatl with Clarissa Botsford (UK) and Frederika Randall (USA) based on a text by Italian writer Giuseppe Lupo, moderated by Shaun Whiteside.

CEATL would especially like to thank the organizers, STradE and A.I.T.I., for a warm welcome and smooth proceedings during the entire AGM.

CEATL AGM held in Milan 3-6 June 2015
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