The working group Training and Education presents the final version of its Report on Training and Education in Literary Translation. For the time being the entire text of the report is available only in French (a few texts concerning the situation in particular countries are also in English).

The group was formed in 2009 within CEATL with the aim of collecting data on literary translators’ training and education at national and European levels, and thus to provide interested parties with relevant information. To this end the group conducted a survey on training and education practices in the European countries represented in CEATL. The survey highlighted the similarities and differences between the existing practices, both academic and non-academic. Some of the trends outlined form the basis for a set of recommendations.

The text of the report is available here (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.pdf).

The recommendations proposed by the working group and approved by CEATL are available here (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.pdf).

CEATL publishes the Report on Training and Education in Literary Translation
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