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CEATL’s Annual General Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia
CEATL’s Annual General Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia
27 May, 2023
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From May 19-21, 40 delegates from 32 European literary translators’ associations gathered in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana for CEATL’s annual general meeting. With both the President Shaun Whiteside and the Secretary General Lara Hölbling coming to the end of their mandates, the delegates had to choose a new board. The composition is as follows, in the order as seen in the photo:

Iztok Ilc, Vice-President – Francesca Novajra, President – Teodora Tzankova, Secretary – Miquel Cabal Guarro, Treasurer – Justyna Czechowska, Vice-President – Valérie Le Plouhinec, General Secretary. (photo: Lara Hölbling Matkovič)

(photo: Lena Jonsson)

In honour of their tireless work for CEATL, both Shaun Whiteside and Lara Hölbling Matkovič were made honorary members.

Our delegate Cécile Deniard at the panel on AI (photos: Domen Pal)

Over the three days of the AGM, delegates heard presentations from all of the working groups, as well as from Olha Liubarska on the state of literary translation in Ukraine. There was also a lively discussion about Artificial Intelligence, and talks of future plans and initiatives.

In the evenings, the delegates were introduced to Slovenian writers and literature, visited the Slovenian Technical Museum, which has an impressive collection of official limousines used by President Tito of Yugoslavia, and were given the “alternative” guided tour of Ljubljana.


The icing on the cake was a trip to the birthplace of Saint Jerome (the patron saint of translators), and a chance to explore the beautiful Slovenian countryside and sample the fabulous cuisine!

Translators under St. Jerome’s yew, an ancient tree under which the first translator of the Bible may or may not have preached. (photo: Vid Brezočnik)

(photo: Dolmen Pal)


Heartfelt thanks to Iztok Ilc, Tanja Petrič and the Slovenian association DSKP for organizing this unforgettable AGM!





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