The number of users of e-readers is increasing – a positive development, as it offers opportunities to bring a broader readership into contact with a diverse range of books. But it is also important to consider the negative consequences.

E-books are illegally downloaded and distributed on a large scale. As a result, writers and translators are increasingly missing out on revenue. To bring this issue to the attention of the public, the Auteursbond (http://auteursbond (the Dutch Association of Authors), with financial support from the Dutch collecting society Lira (http://www NULL.lira, made a short video.

In the video well-known Dutch authors Arthur Japin, Alma Mathijsen, Jessica Durlacher, Francine Oomen and Ernest van de Kwast just take random items from innocent people on the street  – an ice cream, a newspaper, a bottle, some wine, a sandwich and even a dog, all in the same careless way in which some people illegally download e-books. Authors do not steal from you, why should you steal from them?  is the message.

Dutch association starts video campaign to raise awareness of illegal downloading of e-books
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