At Frankfurt International Book Fair, translators were paid a homage by the Norwegian writer Erika Fatland, who said that “Translators, who are often ignored, are the heroes of literature that I deal with every day.” They were also praised by the Norwegian Minister of Culture, Trine Skei Grande, who commented that “the Nobel Peace Prize should go to translators because they do a tremendous job in helping us read each other’s stories and thereby understanding each other.” These two declarations inspired Czech translators to join forces and write an open letter to publishers (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.183416178503538 NULL.-2207520000 NULL.0 NULL./1346843902160754/?type=3&theater). The letter was signed by Czech Translators of the North, the “Faces of Translation” Facebook group and the Czech Literary Translators’ Guild. In it, they urged publishers to name translators not only on covers, but also whenever the translated work is mentioned, be it on their websites, in PR materials or in media of any kind – not only in order to comply with copyright law, but also as a means of expressing respect to translators as vital partners whose work enables the very existence of foreign literature on the local book market.

Frankfurt homage inspires Czech translators to join forces in an open letter to publishers
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