On October 8, 2012 the Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators, in line with tradition, organized its International Translation Day Festival and its St. Jerome Prizes award ceremony.

The St. Jerome Prize for the translation of foreign literature into Lithuanian was presented to Irena Aleksaitė – for professional and creative work over the last three years in the field of literary translation, for a lively Lithuanian voice given to Witold Gombrowicz and other very famous 20th century Polish writers, and for an unexpected revelation of the powers of the Lithuanian language.

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The St Jerome Prize to a translator of Lithuanian literature into a foreign language was awarded to Georgij Jefremov – for professional and artistic translations into Russian of works by Maironis, Salomėja Nėris, Henrikas Radauskas and many other authors, for exquisitely conveying the harmony of meaning and form in poetry translation, as well as for masterful linguistic expression in the translation of of fiction and drama, and for making a significant and lasting contribution to the spread of Lithuanian literature to the Russian-reading public.

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The St Jerome Prize has been presented annually by the Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators to translators into Lithuanian since 2005, and to translators from Lithuanian since 2006.

Irena Aleksaitė and Georgij Jefremov awarded with Lithuanian St. Jerome Prizes
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