Più libri più liberi is a long-established book fair held in Rome every year at the beginning of December. In November literary translators learned to their great surprise that their category, along with authors, illustrators and other associates, would no longer be eligible for free entry as the fair had decided to cut costs and allow only publishers, booksellers, librarians and teachers to enter free of charge.

Both AITI (Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti) and STradE (Sindacato Traduttori Editoriali), together with SLC (the union representing workers in the field of communication) and Biblit (an informal discussion group for literary translators) sent several protest letters to Fabio Del Giudice, the fair director. In addition, a public petition was launched through Avaaz. The protest was highlighted by the daily newspaper Il Manifesto (http://ilmanifesto NULL.info/storia/hai-scritto-un-libro-a-roma-non-vali-un-biglietto-dellautobus/).

On November 20th the fair decided to cancel the new provisions and re-admit literary translators, writers and illustrators free of charge.

For more information, please click here (http://www NULL.traduttoristrade NULL.it/2014/traduttori-e-altri-autori-riammessi-a-piu-libri-piu-liberi/).

Italian book fair attempts to charge entrance fee from literary translators – in vain
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