In late November last year the Translators’ section of the Swedish Writers’ Union (http://www NULL.forfattarforbundet recommended its members to not sign any new deals with the Bonnier Group.

The Swedish Standard Contract was cancelled last summer and in late autumn Bonnier had presented a draft contract that was unacceptable to the literary translators. Among other things the draft took away the translator’s right to have ‘the last word’ in translations.

Bonnier Publishing House

After a period of fruitful discussions between The Swedish Writers’ Union and the Bonnier Publishing Group the parties are more or less agreed on the contents of a new contract for translation commissions. The parties will now start negotiating the remuneration issue with the aim of reaching a contract that will work for translators as well as for publishers.

Because of this and to uphold mutual trust between the parties during the negotiations the Writers’ Union revokes its recommendation to not enter into agreements with the Bonnier Group.

The Writers’ Union continues to recommend its members to hand in suggested individual contracts for review and assistance in negotiations by the Legal Officers of the Union.

The Writers’ Union have had indications that many other publishers are stalling their own work on new translation contract models until the Bonnier contract is finished. The Bonnier Publishing Group is by far the biggest publishing house in Sweden with many subsidiaries in other countries.

Negotiations on new contract follow successful talks between the Swedish Writers’ Union and the Bonnier Publishing Group
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