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New CEATL project, Small is Great, takes off – Catalan association organises the pilot seminar
New CEATL project, Small is Great, takes off – Catalan association organises the pilot seminar
29 Oct, 2018
Tags: Catalonia

The Catalan Writers’ Association (https://www NULL.escriptors NULL.cat/) (AELC) just took the first step of the Small is Great project, a new initiative of CEATL’s Working Group on Training and Education. On Wednesday 3 October, AELC organised a roundtable at the Liber book fair in Barcelona. The session ‘Small languages, big translations’, was a conversation between two editors and two literary translators (from Greek and Swedish into Catalan) conducted by AELC’s board member Jordi Martín Lloret (who is an editor and a literary translator, as well). The topics discussed were: difficulties in accessing small literatures, importance of bridge language translations, the role of literary translators as scouts and curators of literature; lack of interest by the press (and powerful publishers) in non-mainstream literatures, and the vitality of the Catalan indie publishers in the spreading of small literatures.

This roundtable was intended to highlight one of the main objectives of the Small is Great seminars, namely the inclusion and visibility of the project in a professional book fair.

Round table at Liber book fair in Barcelona

AELC has finished organising the working and public parts of the seminar, which will take place in Barcelona on 23-24 November 2018. We have confirmed the assistance of translators from Catalan into Basque, Dutch, English, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish.

The final programme includes a translation workshop with Jordi Puntí, a widely translated author, a look at the latest trends with two literary critics (Jordi Nopca and Míriam Cano), an overview of the current situation in the publishing sector in Catalonia with two experienced editors (Eugènia Broggi and Aniol Rafel), a session about online resources and the new Catalan official grammar with Dr. Neus Nogué (professor of the University of Barcelona), and a roundtable of official representatives addressing the range of programmes fostering translations from/into Catalan (Institut Ramon Llull, Institució de les Lletres Catalanes and Departament de Cultura) moderated by Dr. Marta Marfany (Assistant Professor of the Pompeu Fabra University). Finally, there will be an open event with snacks and drinks to facilitate networking between those attending the seminar, press, authors and editors. See below for the full programme.


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