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New issue of Counterpoint out now !
New issue of Counterpoint out now !
9 May, 2020

Counterpoint is CEATL’s e-zine about literary translators in Europe and beyond, and writes about the economic, political, cultural and artistic aspects of their profession.

What will you find in this third issue?

CEATL delegate Eva Valvo has written a very poignant piece about the harshness of life as a translator in Italy during the last number of weeks and months.

An interview with Valeria Pulignano about her research into the precariousness of our profession shows the realities, and the hardships, of working as a freelance translator. Pulignano’s initial findings show that CEATL’s constant fight for decent working conditions is certainly much needed and even more so in recent times with the ever-changing labour market and an economic crisis looming.

The fascinating love story of mestizo cultures, written and oral languages and translators in the middle of it all feature large in a piece by literary translator Malika Embarek Lopez.

A look at our inner workings comes from CEATL’s Training and Education Working Group, bringing us up to date on their work over recent years.

The issue continues with Counterpoint’s regular features, Out And About, this time from the Balkans, with an exchange between Albania and Bulgaria, while in Notes From Around Europe, one of CEATL’s most recent members, UKPS from Serbia, recount their battle for protecting translators’ rights.

In a new series, Me And My Dictionary, Tuncay Birkan enlightens readers as to the political intricacies of translation into Turkish.

Counterpoint appears twice a year in both English and French. To download the e-zine and/or for a subscription (free of charge), please click here.

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