On 9 October 2018 CEATL’s Working Group on Copyright met in Warsaw. As part of their meeting they organised a public event on translators’ rights.

A podcast of the meeting, held in English, is now available.

Please click here (https://naprzeklad NULL.podbean NULL.com/e/battling-for-money-and-better-status-for-translators-across-europe-ceatl-meeting-in-warsaw/) to hear what seven CEATL delegates, translators themselves, have to say about CEATL, translators’ rights, the situation of literary translators in Europe and actions taken on European and national level.

With the participation of  Elisa Comito (Italy), Bjørn Herrman (Norway), Heikki Karjalainen (Finland), Gertrud Maes (the Netherlands), Kevin Quirk (UK/Norway), Morten Visby (Denmark), and Rafał Lisowski (host, Poland).

Note: the introduction to the event is in Polish. The host switches to English at 4:18.

Podcast: A public event on translators’ rights by CEATL’s Working Group