The brand new Diversity Report 2018 on translated fiction across 10 languages and markets throughout Europe has now been published. It follows trends in literary translation, market developments, new and traditional publishing models and funding schemes.

The report maps and systematically analyzes how translations of works of fiction travel across roughly a dozen European markets and languages. It tracks the overall patterns and flows of translation, based on research of multiple case studies, by language,work or author.

Its key features include the share of translated fiction among all new titles in selected countries; an in-depth analysis of translated authors by type of author across 10 European languages and markets; ‘non-traditional’ authors in translation (the new ‘Netflix’ paradigm in story-telling); comparing selected national and European translation grants.

The data from the 2018 Diversity Report research is available for further research on request.

For a free download and more information, please click here (https://www NULL.wischenbart


Recently published: Diversity Report 2018 on translated fiction across Europe
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