On December 11, in Museo ABC in Madrid, Celia Filipetto was awarded the tenth Esther Benítez Prize in the presence of Manuel Rico, President of ACE (Spanish Authors Association), and Carlos Fortea, President of ACE Traductores (Spanish Literary Translators Association). She was given the award for Las deudas del cuerpo (Lumen), her outstanding translation into Spanish of Storie di chi fugge e di chi resta  by Elena Ferrante (Edizioni E/O).

With over 150 book translations mainly from Italian and English into Spanish, Celia Filipetto deserves a prominent place on the current translation scene.

ACE Traductores created the prize in 2006 in honour of Esther Benítez, a founding member of the association. Apart from being a hugely talented translator herself, she was also a tireless fighter for literary translators’ rights. With this annual prize, ACE Traductores rewards a literary translation from any language into Basque, Catalan, Galician or Spanish published for the first time in the previous year. It is a prize given by and for members, as the jury is made up of all members of the association.

The 2015 ceremony was a very special one because it coincided with the tenth anniversary of the Esther Benítez Prize. That is why ACE Traductores took the opportunity to pay homage not only to Celia Filipetto but all former winners (http://ace-traductores NULL.org/premiados_eb) by inviting them to the ceremony and to read an excerpt from their translations. The ceremony attracted a large audience.

For more information on Celia Filipetto, see her website (http://www NULL.celiafilipetto NULL.com/).

Celia Filipetto (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/spain NULL.Benítez NULL.dec_ NULL.2015 NULL.jpg)
Celia Filipetto
Spanish Literary Translators Association awards the tenth Esther Benítez Prize to Celia Filipetto
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