The Swedish Academy has awarded the 2013 Natur & Kultur Foundation’s  Translation Prize to Laura Cangemi and Ulla Ekblad-Forsgren.

Natur & Kultur is one of the larger Swedish publishing houses. The prize was instituted in 1985 with the purpose of rewarding translators who have made meritorious translations into or from the Swedish language and is given to two translators every year. The prize sum is 4 700 euro each.

Laura Cangemi was born in 1963 and lives in Mantua, Italy. She translates from Swedish into the Italian and has translated writers such as Ingmar Bergman, Sven Delblanc, Peter Englund, P.O. Enquist, Monika Fagerholm, and Jan Guillou. She also represents Italian literary translators in CEATL.

Ulla Ekblad-Forsgren was born in 1937 and lives in Berlin. She translates literature from German and has translated Marcel Beyer, Judith Hermann, Friederike Mayröcker, and Siba Shakib, among others.

Swedish Natur & Kultur Foundation’s Translation Prize to Laura Cangemi and Ulla Ekblad-Frosgren
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