The 2013 Czech State Prize for Translation has been awarded to the renowned translator and Renaissance man Vratislav Jiljí Slezák, a founding member of the Czech Literary Translators’ Guild and a laureate of its Josef Jungmann Translation Prize. He received the award for his excellent translations of the complete work of Hermann Hesse and other German speaking authors, including T. Mann, H. Böll, F. Dürrenmatt, P. Handke, T. Bernhard, H. von Kleist, G. Meyrink. Vratislav Jiljí Slezák has demonstrated his exquisite skill in dozens of books from German, Polish, Danish and Latin and enabled the Czech readers to plunge into their “flowing rivers”, as he calls good translations.

The laureate received the sum of 300.000 Czech crowns (approximately € 11.000).

Vratislav Jiljí Slezák (http://www NULL.ceatl NULL.V NULL.-J NULL.-Slezák NULL.nov13 NULL.jpg)

The 2013 Czech State Prize for Translation to Vratislav Jiljí Slezák
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