On the occasion of St Jerome’s Day (30 September), ‘Weltlesebühne’, an organisation founded by members of the German Literary Translators’ Association (VdÜ),  has arranged a series of events all over Germany. In cooperation with the Robert Bosch Foundation and the German Goethe Institute the programme also offers events in a number of cities around the world.

At the heart of these events will be the ‘Glass Translator’, a performance where the public will be able to witness the origin and development of a translation by following live and simultaneously a translator at work. Comments, questions, and suggestions from the audience are welcome.

For general information and links to the activities in twelve German cities and many other cities worldwide (e.g. Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, London, Mexico City, Minsk, New Delhi, Beijing,  Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Tiflis), please click here (http://www NULL.weltlesebuehne NULL.de/index NULL.php/hieronymustag-2014 NULL.html).


The Glass Translator – ‘Weltlesebühne’ celebrates International Translation Day in Germany and beyond
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